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Sustainable logistics businesses.

Logistical Resource Group is an association for elite logistics contractors who align to our mission of building more sustainable logistics businesses.

Our members are contracted service providers for companies including FedEx, Amazon and other delivery services within last-mile and linehaul operations.


In early 2019, the LRG association membership program will launch nationwide, with up to 5,000 trucks on the road in the first year.

As a preferred vendor, you’ll be listed on our members-only portal and will have many opportunities to promote your services to association members throughout the year.


At Logistical Resource Group, we want to build a group of best in class business owners that we can support through policies and programs that protect our businesses and the people within them who we have worked hard to develop.

LRG programs allow business owners to save money on costs so that they can invest in building a stronger infrastructure, leading to greater long-term value and success. By sharing best practices, we can become valuable business partners to the corporations we contract with and establish more growth in our businesses.

About Our Leadership

Matt Pickett

Matt Pickett

Founder + President

Matt Pickett is a second – generation business owner. At 20 years of age, Matt started as a jumper for his father Mark Pickett, a 30-year FedEx Ground contractor.

When Matt was eligible to drive he was a delivery driver for 14 years. Matt acquired the family business in 2015 and quickly grew the company. The business model was to grow a business that provided sustainable, long – term careers for the team members that dedicated themselves to build it. In 2016 Matt started an automotive maintenance shop to repair his equipment and other transportation companies as well.

To continue to grow in the transportation industry Matt started contracting with Amazon Logistics. Since 2015 Matt has grown from 4 routes to 100 routes on the road between FedEx Ground and Amazon Logistics in multiple markets.

Matt has great admiration for business owners and their employees in our industry and understands the challenges we face in our industry. Matt has experienced the exciting growth opportunity in the transportation industry and wants to assist other businesses owners in our industry to build a successful and sustainable future for them and the employees that helped them build their company.

Where best in class Last-Mile and Linehaul contractors meet best in class service providers. 

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